What is biozoom?
biozoom is a handheld transdermal spectrometer for instantly detecting biomarkers. Mobile, accurate and easy to use, biozoom non-invasively analyzes data critical to managing and improving a healthy lifestyle.
Proven effective in clinical trials, biozoom's findings are secure and available via smartphone or online.
The biozoom Advantage
biozoom puts physiological diagnostics in the palm of the hand, delivering precise biofeedback - instantly. biozoom shows wellness-conscious people the information they need in order to transform and manage their health and performance.
Antioxidant levels
Oxygen consumption
Stress response
Vitamin absorption
Plus lifestyle coaching and more
A Health Data Revolution
Spectroscopy is used around the world to measure substances in matter. biozoom has perfected mobile transdermal nanospectroscopy - measuring, reporting, and analyzing the concentration of multiple biomarkers using light reflected through the skin.
Saturday, May 30, 2015
biozoom is the ONLY handheld device worldwide that allows for non-invasive measurements.
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Intellectual Property:
Patents & Innovations
The scientists and engineers behind the biozoom scanner are applying their breakthroughs to an exciting portfolio of patent-pending products and applications.